Missions Overview

Watch the video above or follow the instructions below. 
Missions are pre-built playlist containing digital learning activities, short multiple choice assessments, and metacognitive questions that guide students through a fun learning adventure. Missions are a great way to quickly build and check for mastery in middle school common core math standards. Students can only view Missions that have been assigned by a teacher and they can only complete each Mission once.
Ways You Can Use Missions
  • As introductory instruction before you teach a concept.
  • As a formative assessment to test student mastery after you teach a standard.
  • As concept review before a summative assessment.
  • To test student metacognition—the questions that measure a student’s ability to self-assess allow educators to gain insight into confidence and accuracy on a given subject.
Finding Missions

1. To find a Mission that you would like to assign to your students, go to the Library section and select Playlists and then Missions

2. There are two ways to find a specific Mission. You can either scroll through the list of Missions and find the standard you are looking for, or you can use the slider tool narrow down to a specific grade level. Currently, Missions are only available for math standards in grades 6, 7, and 8.

3. Once you have found the Mission you want to assign to your students, you can click on it to preview the Mission's content. This is a good opportunity to view the question types and activities that your students will complete. (Educators can preview Missions as read-only, so you won't be able to click on any of the answer choices while previewing.)

4. Once you have decided which Mission you would like to assign to your students, click the Copy button on the right side of the playlist.

5. This will automatically add the Mission to your My Playlists section. You can navigate to that page, and assign it to your students just like you would any other playlist. For more information on how to do this, see our Assign a Playlist to Your Students article.

Once your students have completed their assigned Mission, you can evaluate their performance with Mission Reports. For more information on this, see our Mission Reports article.
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