Build a Playlist

To learn about what a playlist is made out of, watch the video above. To learn how to design and build a new playlist that is tailored to your student's needs, please follow the instructions below.

1. Once you have logged into your Educator Account, click on the My Playlists tab at the top of your screen. 

2. Enter your new playlist's title into the Start a new playlist field and select the Create button. 

3. Your new playlist will appear at the top of your playlist list with the Edit Info menu automatically open. In this menu, you can add Instructions for your students, Author Notes that will only be visible to educators, as well as Grade Levels, Subjects, Standards, and Keywords.

4. To edit the Instructions or Author Notes, select the  icon in the bottom right corner of the window. Once you have finished entering your notes, select the green checkmark to save your work. 

5. Click the Grades, Subjects, Standards, and Keywords link to expand the menu. Here you can adjust grade level(s), add keywords, and tag the playlist with specific subjects and standards.

6. To tag subjects and standards, use the selection filter as shown below. Once you have finished editing the playlist information, click the green Done button to save your work. 

7. Back in your main playlist section, click the Add Content button. From here you can add activities and checkpoints from the Library, create your own personal activities and checkpoints, or add a Playlist Note. (View our article on Playlist Notes for more information)

8. Once you have located content from our Library that you would like to add to your playlist, click the Add to Playlist button.

9. You will see the activity appear at the top of your playlist. To add more content directly from here, select the Add Content button.


10. Once you have finished adding all the activities and checkpoints to your playlist, you can reorder them by selecting the Reorder link and dragging them to their new position. When you are finished reordering, select the Close link.

11. To delete content from your playlist, click the "X" icon in the upper right corner. 

12. Select the Add a Playlist Task link to create a playlist task for students to complete while working on this playlist. (View our article on Playlist Tasks for more information.)

13. To share your playlist with another educator, create a copy of that can be personalized for specific students, or to delete the playlist entirely, click the drop down arrow and the corresponding button.
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